Poem: Crippling Tinnitus 24/7

Crippling Tinnitus 24/7

The words for extremes are ubiquitous
There’s a breeze and a hurricane
It’s a headache not a migraine
But not when we talk about tinnitus

One simple word to describe the spectrum
A faint hum to a crippling din
It’s not the same, the post-gig ring
And the pain caused by this deafening drum

A black hole creating a deadly hiss
It makes my brain feel all deranged
I look the same but I have changed
Sucked into the noise from this loud abyss

Driving me mad before opening my eyes
Tormenting me both day and night
It never stops, no end in sight
When sounds are loud it screams and amplifies

“Don’t be melodramatic”, people moan
A dental drill inside my head
A feat to follow what’s been said
But they’re unaware of this Twilight zone

A beast’s claw coming out of my ear
Scraping the skin and hair off my head
Cross eyed and bewildered, tears I shed
As the world’s expectations won’t disappear

“Just focus on something else”, doctors say
It won’t stop until you are dead
That’s the thought that fills me with dread
As the hospital said it shan’t go away

I won’t give up hope, there must be a way
To reduce the roaring, that’s my plea
Holistic healing holds the key
To reaching silence. That’s my dream one day.


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