Oct 20 – Update

Oct 20 – Update

I often get messages from readers asking ‘what happened next? How’s your health now?’ as my blog ends on the cliffhanger of me deciding to quit my job and go on a healing journey to Hawaii and India. 

I can gladly report that I did all those thing! I swam with turtles in Hawaii, visited friends in Australia and lived in India for a year immersing myself in Ayurveda and embracing my creativity. A huge part of my blog was actually written in India. I spent many happy hours in beachside restaurants eating amazing Indian food while writing my story. 

I stopped blogging after a tragic family bereavement. I couldn’t face writing about the trauma of the illness while I was living through the new trauma of a devastating loss.

I am now in a better place. The tinnitus is a faint hum and the hyperacusis is virtually gone. While I won’t go to a rock concert or a nightclub, my hearing no longer prevents me from everyday things like going to cafes, restaurants and moderately busy pubs. Sod’s law that these things are now off limits due to Coronavirus. 

I have received so many wonderful messages from people who’ve discovered my blog. My story has clearly resonated and has given fellow sufferers hope as well as useful tips on healing. It has also shone a light on a debilitating condition which isn’t widely known about. 

I have therefore decided to turn my blog into a book to make it easier for people to find in their moment of crisis. I’ve learnt that success stories play a crucial role in healing. I want my story to help and inspire as many people as possible.

A book is also the next step in my creative evolution. During lockdown I wrote a chapter in a compilation book about overcoming adversity. The pleasure I got from it reminded me that I love writing about my healing journey. Coronavirus has prevented me from changing career so it’s important that I have a creative side project to nourish my soul while doing an uninspiring job.

I have so many hilarious and heartbreaking stories from my travels and I am really looking forward to writing about them for the book. In the meantime, my next and final post will be an extract from my chapter in the compilation book. It’s a fitting end to this blog as it shows my journey from a broken person to a published author and, for fellow sufferers, it summarises the healing techniques that have been most beneficial for me. 

Thank you for reading my blog and for being part of my healing journey. I will let you know once I have finished writing my book.

The complication book is called The Girls Who Refused to Quit – Volume 2. It is available on Amazon and other online booksellers. 


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